Tetila Italian Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass

  • Superior yield
  • Quick establishment
  • Increased stand persistence
  • Drought tolerant
  • Perfect for alfalfa or clover mixtures
  • Highly palatable, digestible, and nutritious
  • Optimizes animal performance
  • Late maturity
  • Great crown rust and stem rust resistance
  • Excellent seedling vigor

Tetila (Italian) annual ryegrass can supply your grazing needs well into spring when warm-season grasses can take over. You may even get a bonus hay crop. Tetila is best when used as a cool-season pasture.

Tetila has great crown and stem rust resistance. This tetraploid ryegrass is highly palatable and produces excellent yields with outstanding regrowth. Ryegrass is the cool-season grass species that provides the highest level of animal performance when measured as milk, lamb or beef. Its excellent seedling vigor helps ensure a good start for high milk-producing dairy pastures and great weight gains in beef herds on
pasture. Tetila will often be ready to graze less than two months after planting, due to its quick establishment.

Nitrogen should be applied in split applications during early spring and fall and after first cutting. Adequate phosphorus and potassium are also necessary for top production. First cutting in spring should be done before head emergence (boot stage). Later cuttings can be made at four to six week intervals, depending on conditions.

Seeding Rate:

30-40 lbs. per acre/alone
4-8 lbs per acre/mixture