Sunny Place®

Excellent turf choice for sunny lawn projects on a budget. Sunny Place® establishes fast and produces a dark green, fine-bladed lawn.

  • Combines quality turf with long-term persistence
  • Winter-hardy varieties for use in Northern areas
  • Great for overseeding thinned areas
  • Ideal for home lawns and commercial landscapes

Ideal For:

  • Home lawns and commercial landscapes
  • Parks and general turf sites

Stress Tolerance:

  • Good heat and drought tolerance
  • Winter hardy turf

Color: Medium to dark green

Light: Full Sun to light shade

Texture: Medium fine

Soil: Thrives on most soil types

Seeding Rate (lbs/1000 sq. ft.):

New Seeding: 4-6 lbs
Overseeding: 2-4 lbs

Available in: 5#,20#,50#