Kentucky Bluegrass

Bluegrass Specifications
  • Seeding Rate: 2-3 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.
  • Germination: 10-25 days
  • Growth habit: rhizomes, tillers
  • Approx. seeds/pound: 2,200,000
  • Blade: 2-4mm, boat-shaped tip
  • Uses: Lawns, Athletic Fields, Commercial, Golf Course, High Maintenance. Ideal in Sun.
  • Identification: A dense, sod forming, long-lived, perennial cool season grass that is winter hardy. Plants spread by rhizomes. Leaf texture is boat shaped to the tip and has a folded leaf vernation (stem) with a smooth top side and a dull underside.
  • Establishment: Is slow to germinate and slow to establish. Aggressive to spread and fill in once established.
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
Alexa II Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Alexa Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Midnight Type
  • 2nd place in turf quality 2005 NTEP
  • Very dark green
  • Excellent winter-hardiness and persistence
  • Resistant to leaf spot, summer patch, stripe Smut, dollar spot, and Fusarium blight
Diva Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Diva Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • Compact Type
  • Best spring green-up rating across 25 U.S. locations
  • Strong disease resistance and winter survival
  • High stress and wear tolerance
  • Improved dark green color
Dragon Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Dragon Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • BVMG Type
  • Genetic dark green color excellent choice for mixtures
  • Excellent resistance to some of the major turf grass diseases–dollar spot, Crown rust, Snow mold
  • One of the highest scoring varieties in the 1997 NTEP trials for overall quality category
  • Superior heat tolerance combined with fast establishment and strong wear tolerance make it an excellent choice for sport fields or other high traffic areas
Ginney II Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Midnight Type
  • 2nd place in overall turf quality 2005 NTEP
  • Extensive dark green rhizomatous growth
  • Short decumbent growth for low mowing tolerance
  • Excellent sod strength and wear tolerance
Guinness Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Guinness Final Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • Shamrock Type
  • Fast establishment
  • Best spring green-up of improved varieties
  • Resistant to stripe smut and leaf spot
Mystere Kentucky Bluegrass
  • America Type
  • Compact dwarf growth
  • Fine bladed, dark green
  • New and improved”America Type”
  • Excellent spring green up for an improved “America Type”
Princeton 105 Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Princeton 105 Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • Compact type
  • Highly aggressive, rapid recovery from wear
  • Low-growth habit allows for improved performance at lower mowing heights needed on sports fields and golf course fairways (to 1 inch)
  • Deep green color with medium blade width
Award Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Award Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • Midnight Type
  • High density at fairway clipping heights (under 1 inch)
  • Intense dark green color – darker green than other bluegrasses
  • Fine textured, upright leaves
  • Excellent leafspot resistance
  • Excellent spring and summer disease resistance
Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Type Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • Midnight type
  • A very dark blue-green color
  • Dwarf growth habit
  • Very high tiller density
  • Strong overall disease resistance
  • Good tolerance to low mowing
Atlantis Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Atlantis Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • BVMG & Shamrock type
  • Wide genetic base provides versatility under a wide range of soil and climactic conditions
  • Great choice for low maintenance situations
  • Very cold hardy with fast spring green-up
  • Excellent late spring and summer turf and color
Famous Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed, Famous Kentucky Bluegrass Seed
  • BVMG type
  • Outstanding winter hardiness with fast spring green-up
  • High disease resistance to leaf rust, leaf spot, fusarium patch and snow mold
  • Strong wear tolerance and performs well under low cut situations


Aggressive Type

This group is recognized for its aggressive lateral growth habit and development of a turf with very high shoot density. Examples are Limousine, Julius, P-104 and Touchdown. America Type Within the Compact Type a number of varieties exhibit growth and performance similar to America.These varieties have fine leaf texture and higher tiller density than other compact type varieties.America types in contrast to Midnight compact types have good resistance to powder mildew.

Bellevue Type

Turf with medium to low growth, medium to wide leaves and medium density. Excellent cool-season vigor exists in this group, which is evident by excellent color retention and turf quality during winter and early spring green-up.This group has good recovery to summer stress, good resistance to stripe smut disease but is highly susceptible to bill bug damage.


Baron,Victa, Merit, Gnome types:This group has high seed yield potential and generally produces medium to good quality turf in the absence of stripe smut.The BVMG types generally are very stemmy in early spring.This group also has poor winter color, long winter dormancy and suffers from significant billbug damage.


Challenger, Eclipse, Liberty,Adelphi Cheri Type They will produce a turf of medium-low growth and medium density with medium wide leaves.These cultivars have moderate resistance to stripe smut and are moderately
susceptible to dollar spot. Seed yield potential of these cultivars is relatively high.

Common Type

Generally erect growing types with narrow leaf blades.All common types are susceptible to leaf spot disease and may be extensively damaged by this disease during the cool, humid conditions of winter and spring.

Compact Type

Low compact growth and good leaf spot resistance.This group has long winter dormancy (except P-105) and good stripe smut resistance. Examples are Diva, Moonlight, P-105, Blackstone,Apex, Glade,Alpine. Julia Type These cultivars form a high quality turf, but have moderate winter performance.They also exhibit good resistance to leaf spot but can be damaged significantly by brown patch.

Mid-Atlantic Type

This group forms vigorous turf of medium density with deep, extensive root and rhizome system.This group has moderate susceptibility to leaf spot, but has excellent ability to recover from leaf spot and other stress due to the deep extensive rhizomes system.This group has great tolerance to heat and summer stress. Examples: Eagleton, Preakness, and Livingston.

Midnight Type

Within the Compact Type family, this group has very long winter dormancy, late spring greenup, very dark green turf color, good heat tolerance, but are susceptible to powdery mildew. Examples are Ginney,Alexa, Midnight, NuGlade, Quantum Leap,Total Eclipse,Award and others.

Shamrock Type

Similar to the BVMG types with high seed yield potential, but unlike the BVMG types, Shamrock types exhibit good resistance to stripe smut. Examples, Guinness, Champagne, Brooklawn.